A Ring camera is a small device that helps you keep an eye on your home. It works like a digital eye, letting you see what’s happening outside your house through your phone. It can also send you alerts if it detects motion or someone at your door.

Two red lights on a Ring camera usually mean there’s an issue. It could be about power, internet connection, or the camera itself. You might need to check the power source, Wi-Fi, or restart the camera to fix it.

Unlock the secrets behind those two glowing red lights on your Ring camera and ensure your home security is always in the spotlight!

Understanding the Two Red Lights:

When you see two red lights glowing on your Ring camera, it’s signaling an important message. These lights serve as indicators, communicating various statuses of your device.

Understanding the Two Red Lights:
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⚡Power Status:

The first thing these red lights indicate is the power status of your Ring camera. They tell you whether your camera is receiving power and is operational.

📶Connectivity Issues:

Sometimes, the red lights might indicate connectivity issues. It could mean that your camera is having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network or the Ring server. This could be due to various reasons like a weak Wi-Fi signal or internet outage.

📷Camera Health:

The red lights could also signify issues with the camera itself. It might indicate a hardware malfunction or a need for maintenance. In such cases, it’s essential to troubleshoot or seek assistance to ensure your camera’s proper functioning.

🔔Firmware Update:

Occasionally, the red lights might indicate that your Ring camera is undergoing a firmware update. During this process, the lights might blink to indicate the update progress. It’s crucial to let the update complete to ensure your camera’s optimal performance and security.

💡Tips to solve it:

If you encounter the two red lights on your Ring camera, here are some steps you can take:

🔌Check Power Source:

Ensure that your Ring camera is properly plugged in and receiving power.Make sure the battery is charged if you’re using a model that runs on batteries.

📶Verify Wi-Fi Connection: 

Verify that your Wi-Fi network and camera are linked.Check your router and ensure it’s functioning correctly.Move the camera closer to the router or use a Wi-Fi extension if the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

🔵Restart Camera: 

Try restarting your Ring camera. Sometimes, a simple reboot can resolve connectivity issues and reset the device.

👨‍💻Update Firmware: 

Verify whether your Ring camera has any pending firmware updates. Performance can be enhanced and identified faults can be fixed by updating the firmware. To update the firmware, go to Ring’s instructions.

🆘Inspect Camera Health: 

Examine the physical condition of your camera. Ensure there are no obstructions blocking the lens or interfering with its operation. If the camera appears damaged or malfunctioning, contact Ring support for assistance.

⚙Reset to Factory Settings: 

As a last resort, you can try resetting your Ring camera to its factory settings. Keep going with caution as this will remove all customized settings and preferences.. Refer to the user manual or Ring’s support documentation for instructions on how to perform a factory reset.

👍Best Practices:

Best Practices for Two Red Lights on ring camera
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🔨Regular Maintenance:

  • Clean your camera regularly to prevent dust.
  • Check for software updates frequently and keep your camera’s firmware up to date.

📍Optimize Placement:

  • Place your camera within the recommended range of your router.
  • Avoid placing the camera in areas exposed to extreme weather conditions.

✔️Use Quality Accessories:

  • Use genuine Ring accessories and power supplies to ensure compatibility and reliability.

🔍Monitor Usage:

  • Regularly check the camera’s activity through the Ring app to ensure it’s functioning correctly.
  • Set up alerts and notifications to stay informed about any issues or updates.


1. Does the red light on the Ring mean someone is watching?

Not necessarily. The red light usually indicates that the camera is in night vision mode or recording.

2. How do I know if someone is watching the Ring camera?

You may receive notifications on your connected device, or you can check the Ring app to see live footage.

3. What color is a Ring camera when someone is watching?

The LED ring around the camera lens will typically turn blue when live streaming.

4. What do lights mean on a Ring Doorbell?

Different colors and patterns indicate various statuses like charging, firmware updates, or motion detection.

5. Do Ring cameras light up when on?

Yes, they often have a small LED that indicates they are powered on or recording.

6. Does the red light on a Ring camera mean someone is watching?

Not necessarily. It typically means the camera is recording or in night vision mode.

7. Does a red light mean a camera is recording?

Often, yes. Red lights on cameras generally indicate that recording is in progress.

8. How to tell if a camera is watching you?

Check for visible indicators like blinking lights or notifications in the app.

9. Can you tell if a camera is recording you?

Yes, typically through LED indicators or app notifications.

10. What do the colors mean on the Ring indoor camera?

Different colors indicate different statuses, like recording (red), live view (blue), or night vision (infrared/red).

11. What is the red light on a hidden camera?

It often indicates that the camera is powered on or recording.

12. How to tell if a camera is recording audio?

This is harder to determine visually; check the camera’s specifications or app settings.

13. How to view a neighbor security camera?

You cannot view another person’s security camera without their permission.

14. What do red light cameras look like in the UK?

They typically resemble small, fixed cameras mounted on poles near traffic lights.


The two red lights on your Ring camera serve as vital indicators, conveying information about its power status, connectivity, and health. Understanding these lights can help you troubleshoot issues effectively and ensure the smooth operation of your device. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to seek help from Ring support or resources available online.

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